Holistic Spray Hands on Workshop March 25

Interested in organic orchard sprays? On Sunday, March 25  Diane Emerson will lead a 2 hour hands-on workshop where we will make up a batch of the Holistic Spring Spray introduced by Michael Phillips in his book The Holistic Orchard, and used so successfully on Vashon by Dr. Ethan Russo.

You can see for yourself the ingredients used, and what purpose they have in the spray: things like neem oil, blackstrap molasses, kelp, and hydrolized fish - which really does NOT smell like fish emulsion fertilizer, by the way.

We will make up a batch, and spray one of Country Store's trees using the battery-operated 4 gallon sprayer by Chapin recommended by Dr. Russo, so you can see how well that works, too.

Please join us, and bring home a sample of the spray if you wish.

Date: Sunday, March 25

Time: 1-3 pm

Place: Country Store and Farm

$10 donation

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